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Training Tools & Tips by Los Angeles Dog Trainer Michael Chill

Training Tools:

Sporn Halters

Easy Walk Harnesses


Sporn Head Halters

Barking Aids:

Citronella Bark Collar Large Dog
Citronella Bark Collar Small Dog
Citronella Remote Collar
No Bark VIBRATION Collar

Stain and Odor Removers:

Anti Icky Poo

Chewing Deterrents:

Fooey Spray
Fooey Gel
Bitter Apple Gel
Yuck Gel

Digging Deterrents:

Critter Ridder Granules
Critter Ridder Spray


Kong Toys



  1. You will need a training collar or halter of appropriate size, but wait until you bring your dog to class to determine the best tools to use. Just bring him or her on whatever you are currently using.
  2. A six-foot training lead (leather or nylon), not a retractable leash.
  3. Optimistic outlook (mandatory).
  4. 20' longe line. This can be a retractable leash.
  5. Dog (recommended).


  1. Class starts promptly. The first 10 minutes are to be spent walking your dog to accustom him or her to the environment and to prepare you both to start work.
  2. Please do not run or exercise your dog before class.
  3. There is no hitting, kicking or abusive discipline allowed.
  4. Class will not meet if it is raining. If it has rained that day, it may be too wet to work, so please call (310) 559-5900 after 8:00 am for the morning classes and after 5:00 pm for the evening classes. Our message will tell you if classes are canceled.
  5. Please do not use treats or other food rewards.
  6. Homework consists of working your dog 10-15 minutes a day only. Involve your entire family in the training, but try to be consistent in who handles your dog in class. If you miss a session and a family member takes your place, teach him or her what you have learned so he/she won't be completely lost. No matter what problems you may having with your dog, there is hope! Keep a good attitude, and know that you have taken a step in the right direction. Ask lots of questions and call if you need help during the week.

Last but not least, HAVE A GOOD TIME! If you enjoy yourself, so will your dog. A dog who enjoys behaving will behave. A dog who is forced to behave may not.

Class Rules Sheet

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