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Articles written by Los Angeles Dog Trainer Michael Chill

  • Choosing the Right Breed by Michael Chill, Animal Services
    One of the most common complaints among dog trainers is that many clients choose breeds of dogs whose innate behavior and temperament are totally inappropriate for their lifestyles. In fact, many people don't even consider behavior or temperament when choosing dogs at all. "He has such beautiful blue eyes," or "He looked just like a bear in the pet store window," or even, "The one on that TV is show just so cute!" are typical of some of the many reasons people offer when asked why they chose their dogs.
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  • Guilt by Michael Chill, Animal Services
    I went to the home of a young couple who had an 11-month-old female golden retriever. Their complaint was that the dog was destructive - not unusual for a dog her age and breed. We went over several solutions, all which were doable and understood by the couple. Towards the end of the consult, the man made the comment, "But she makes me so mad! She knows it's wrong, but she still does it!"
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  • Rescue Dogs by Michael Chill, Animal Services
    People adopt rescue dogs for a variety of reasons, one of which is the ability to "know what you are getting." Knowing if the dog is housebroken, not destructive, or good with kids is one of the benefits of adopting an adult dog, and an honest assessment of the dog's training, behavior, and temperament is very important in deciding which dog is right for you.
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  • The Nature of Problems by Michael Chill, Animal Services
    Most problems experienced by dog owners can be separated into three distinct categories. There are training problems, behavior problems and temperament problems.
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